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The Efficiency Course… Highly recommended!

The course is designed to work effectively and economically. Here in the Ron’s Org Grenchen, it was really great. The efficiency course is about the basics. This knowledge must be there to control something and to know what prevent someone from assuming responsibility for parts or areas. The hell is the unfinished and half-finished cycles. I just happen to be dealing with such a company. If you apply the knowledge from the course, you can be a reliable employee. – G.

I got knowledge and definitively improved myself.

I got knowledge and definitively improved myself. You gave me a new way of looking at things and better control of myself when I need it. I really had a major win on this subject. I will practice it in my everyday life but just with a small smile on my face. Thank you all wonderful people! – K.

You brought my smile back and dried my tears.

I had to write this success letter because you brought my smile back and dried my tears. My brother gave me an envelope on which was written “Offered: a Communication Course.” He gave me the coolest gifts, by letting me discover this Technology! I was down at that time and my parents insisted that I would go to see a psychologist … In fact, it probably made me save some money… I began the auditing in January, and my despair and my tears became smiles and new goals… I had the possibility to experience the Communication Course and its famous exercises. For me it is a real success and I want to move on and continue this way in order to feel better and better. Thank you for existing and being here to help us! – C.

I was afraid to communicate and very introverted.

When I came here I was really afraid to communicate, I was very introverted. After the Communication Course I felt a change. At the end I found back and developed my capacity to communicate. For example I’m not worried with the idea to have an interview for a new job anymore. I urge you to do this course. – L.

My only regret: not having had the courage to confront myself before!

What a pleasure to have done the Communication Course beside the auditing, applying it in life and seeing the successes. I understand now the words “having wins” I heard so often from other Scientologists. My only regret: not having had the courage to confront myself before! – S.

Youhou! Just finished the big Study Course!

Youhou! Just finished the big Study Course! I am really happy I have done and finished this course. This course really put some order in my ideas on studies. Ron exposes into light things I always thought and felt but that I never dared thinking, expressing or even believed so much it was in contradiction with the educational system as it is. This course reestablished and reinforced my self-confidence in my capacity to study. Studying and learning are much easier than people want us to believe. I see things more clearly, better and that makes me smarter! I really loved going to the Course Room and study. It reconciled me with studies. We are here to learn and apply what we learn. No shame, no punishments. The best! – G.

Great feeling to get completed the Study Course!

Done! Great feeling to get completed the Study Course!! In this powerful and everything-will-be-made-without-effort but easily surrounding, it was a pleasure to finish my course. Without the data from this course, studying or even reading would be slowly, I think. Now I’m quite sure to go up with my abilities. – J.

If I would have done this Efficiency Course before…

If I would have done this Efficiency Course before I was in Scientology it would have helped me for all what has to be controlled or organized and I would have lost less time on not-done or half-done things. We have more space when all is under control and things which have been done are done. It’s all new for me!!! – D.

I wonder why this Course is not taught at the university!

This Course showed me how I can achieve any goal I want to achieve. It provides you a “map”, how to systematically analyze situations in life, where things are not optimal. The results of the analyses can be applied until the optimal, wanted condition is realized. I wonder why this Course is not taught at the university or at school!!! It is a “Must” for everyone who wants to lead a successful life. – D.

Ability to separate myself from my emotions or other people’s emotions.

One of the biggest difference I noticed after one week of Hard TRs is the ability to separate myself from my emotions or other people’s emotions. I realize that anger, fear, pain, screaming, laughter, joy, glee are all emotions that come up, they are real but very temporary and very fluid. So when something upsetting happens, I allow myself to be upset and express the anger, but I know deep inside that it’s not the end of the world. I know that it is my emotions reacting rather than me. – A.

Everything became lighter.

From experience of many auditing sessions, I knew that eventually, every process comes to a good end. The same with the Hard TRs. Toward the end, everything became lighter. Emotions resolved into “nothing”. The body became free of discomfort. I simply sat there and perceived my partner in the space. Completely relaxed, without reactions. That’s all. That’s a lot. Many thanks to the team of Ron’s Org for carrying it through professionally. – K.

« My life began after I finished the Hard TRs Course! »

After having finished the course, I went back to Paris and carried on with my life. I am doing new things that I never, ever thought would have been possible to do one day in my life. Such as going out alone, not because I have to, but simply because I want to. Going in a shop and speak with people I don’t know, without fear. Having a drink alone on a coffee-shop terrace without any shame. If somebody would have told me before that one day I would be able to say what I wanted to say without stopping myself, without being afraid to say “no” when I didn’t want to say “yes”, be able to think about things of my past without suffering or crying, without running away or hiding away, but only be there, simply in the present, and enjoying the present! Sincerely if I had to resume in one sentence, I would say: “My life begun after having finished the Hard TRs Course!” I can taste life as it really is. Without the Course I would not have understood how far I was imprisoned in my past, erased from life. Now I’m free of all of that… I simply live. I appreciate life day by day, without fears, nor anguish or phobia. It has transformed my whole life. – L.

I would like to become an Auditor.

Today I really got the picture of being there and doing nothing else than to be. I basically hated to be in the environment of somebody else. I always felt that I had to run away because it was “too dangerous”. Only I did not know why. Today, I feel I’m on the right way and I can be! Relaxing and just confronting. It is heaven! Now I would like to become an Auditor. – J.

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