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Everything I want to accomplish comes with a lightness that sometimes surprises me.

It’s not easy for me to describe this level and the wins associated with it. How long have I searched and worked for this condition? And now I have arrived; arrived by myself, with my goals and with my fellows. I am in the middle of life and everything I want to accomplish comes with a lightness that sometimes surprises me. No matter what, I know I can do it. And I become more and more aware of what this condition means. Finally, you cannot put that feeling of knowledge into words. Therefore, I will do everything in my power so that every being can reach this state! And I know we can do it together. Thanks to my Ron’s Orgs from Munich and Grenchen, where I’m getting trained and corrected in first class. – AS.

Opportunity shall not be neglected for it may never return.

As a matter of fact, I can’t really express the state of joy I am in. It’s so VAST. Since eons, I have been desperately searching for this way. Finally, my wish became true. Thirteen years ago I started my journey on the Bridge and today I completed it. I learned a saying that went like this: “Opportunity shall not be neglected for it may never return”. I am so glad that I had the chance to pursue this opportunity. A big thank you to the Ron’s Org team who works so hard to make it possible that the Bridge can be passed by everyone who sincerely wants to reach the other side. Of course, I’d like to thank Ron & Bill. Without them, I would still be chasing after shadow reflections on the walls in the maze of life. They gave us the Technology to overcome every difficulty in life if we want to. It’s really a miracle. I stumbled upon a poem written by Hafiz. It describes the best how I feel right now: I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being. We can always improve. I will always be a student because the moment we stop to learn, we stop to grow. I am looking forward to all the other wonderful adventures that lie ahead of us. – D.

Now, it is actually not real to me anymore how I used to “be”!

What a trip! Incredible and empowering information – Wow!– wins, results, stability, happiness, sanity, health, improved memory, and too many wonderful things to mention. The simplicity of it, is unbelievable. And it works! The results are really unbelievable. It gave me a lot of certainty along the way as an Auditor, and also as a Being. To try to mention all the wins I had, or even just a few most important or bigger ones would be impossible. Now, it is actually not real to me anymore how I used to “be”. The Ron’s Org Grenchen just continuously delivers all this treasure in such a generous way. This handful of powerful beings, manages to always deliver L. Ron Hubbard’s Standard Technology, every single day, with the smile. Thank you! – A.

A continuous flow of realizations…

An auditing level where I had a lot of fun, I could even say it was a continuous flow of realizations. Then, in everyday life, you see the changes… then you get used to them… it becomes normal… but you only want to continue progressing up the Bridge! I wish you all the same. Keep going up the Bridge, do not waste time, we need you. Thank you to all of you! – S.

To be able to look back and be able to laugh at all these moments …

The road was littered with doubts, refusals and “feet against the wall…” but I continued. A force pushed me forward, for these scenes were not important. What was important was the result. The reactive mind revealed more and more its most vicious and sly aspect, held on with force to keep me in its den. Often, I almost gave up, for its little voice held me back. Until I realized it was not me! How many times have I doubted, how often has it arisen under a form of unhealthy thought? But I kept going on and I defeated it with the help of my Auditor who thanks to his lightness, his presence, his smile, helped me to free myself. Looking back, I can only note that every moment has been exceptional, bright, funny sometimes. I found out a part of freedom to be able to look back and be able to laugh at all those moments that would have made me cry again not so long ago. Thanks to Ron’s Org. I saw – I know – I can! – N.

Scientology really does transform me into the person I’ve always known I was.

Last week-end, I felt the need to make some order in my bedroom. It’s now easy to give/throw away things that are no longer serving me for years. I feel much less attachment to things. I went through my personal development courses and books from years ago, I smiled and thought that it was very interesting back then, it helped me think differently, have different points of view, but, really it didn’t change anything in my life. On the contrary, Scientology really does transform me into the person I’ve always known I was. It was really good to feel and tell myself that I no longer need these books about self-confidence, happiness, Bla Bla Bla… I feel I integrated all that, I am that. Really it’s a very pleasant feeling and I wish everyone will reach this state! Thank you Ron’s Org fabulous team, I love you all! – G.

Getting auditing and being in the Ron’s Org just lifted this heaviness from my universe.

My life has been very busy, stressful and lots of expansion the last two years. Due to this expansion and the factors around is heaviness ensued. This created more effort and stress in my life business. Getting auditing and being in Ron’s Org just lifted this heaviness from my universe. I feel great, light and in present time communicating and creating with more fun and certainty. A BIG thank you to all the team at Ron’s Org to make this possible for all of us. – P.

What a wonderful level!

What a wonderful level! I have always believed that it was right to achieve my goals with enough force. Besides that, I was convinced that I could do it all by myself because at least I could rely on not getting off the road. Strength and stubbornness – I believed that these qualities belonged to me and were part of my character. That was not true. With this attitude, I have not allowed many connections and played myself out. Now I see it totally differently. You need no strength to achieve your goals, only good postulates, and trust. I can now connect with every human being, encounter new situations with confidence, and have much more energy available. My space has opened up and I can simply allow everything to find a place in it. – A.S.

The Bridge is a way to become more ourselves.

I now understand much better the data that the Bridge is a way to become more ourselves. Today, it’s so much easier for me to assert my convictions and values. Easily, freely, with no shame. I’m not afraid anymore to say what I think, who I am. People can think and say what they want, it doesn’t affect me so much anymore. It’s not as destructive as before. I have more certainty on certain topics. I feel ready to defend freedom and my values, “body – mind and soul”, with no fear. Also, when it comes to relationships, I feel freer. I do not feel negative attachments or thoughts about my ex-boyfriends anymore. I feel I can start something new; or not! It is such a release, it’s fabulous! – G.

You gave me my life, my joy, my confidence in myself back…

Thanks to the last auditing, I now feel so good, I feel light weightless. I came back home with plenty of projects, with new desires, I feel very good, I fill my agenda with a lot of appointments, more successes with my job, I feel very good, you gave me my life, my joy, my confidence in myself back. The fears that prevented me from going further disappeared, the communication with my clients and my surroundings is totally different. – S.

Auditing has had a profound and lasting effect on my mind

I thank all of you for your kindness, for explaining Auditing to me and for taking me through a session. My Auditor was most patient and gentle. I did not know what to expect in terms of results and am happy to report that the Auditing has had a profound and lasting effect on my mind and lightened my “emotional load”. I will be forever grateful. I was intrigued to find so many smaller issues tied in with the main one and they all seemed to “collapse” in one swoop. Thank you all. I would like to think I will come back and do the full Life Repair Program some day but for now I do not know when that will be possible. However, it remains a true ambition of mine. Until then I wish you all the success in the world and thank you all once more for your generosity and professionalism. – A.

I no longer feel these chains that imprisoned me…

I am very happy to have done this Auditing!!! I feel more life that comes into me!!! I feel free again on communication: I decided to open the doors, to open myself more on the outside. I feel liberated about the problems and I see the problems of others and I am willing to help them. I feel that I have removed many charges that prevented me from moving forward and were pushing me down. I no longer feel these chains that imprisoned me, I go more forward. Now I’m learning to re-enter the movement, so in life and I feel more energy. This energy I was afraid to have because I did not think I could use it constructively. Above all I want to thank to the whole Ron’s Org’s team!! Because this team is great and it is because this team works in the same direction as ONE and we need to unite if we want to build this new civilization and show that we can move together !! – I.

I never realized how strong the effects of drugs were on me.

I am so happy to be done with the Drug rundown. The way out is through, and I kept going and I feel amazing. I never realized how strong the effects of drugs were on me. I had no idea how much had been restimulated. But the more charge came off the better I felt, and I learned things that changed my view of myself. I had suppressed so many feelings of shame and anger about myself as a being and my body. Acknowledging them has relieved me of stresses I’ve had for years. I’m not scared of drugs. I’m not scared of alcohol. But mainly, I’m not scared of myself around those things. There is always more work to be done, which is exciting. But this is the most present and happy I have felt in my body since I was a child and that is huge. I am grateful to have this Technology and such a great Auditor. And I’m proud of myself for completing this rundown. – A.

The biggest win

This was a cool action. The biggest win is that I know now that auditing can occur. One of my big wins is that with the help of my auditor I could spot areas of my life where there was confusion before and after a while that confusion was gone. I feel much calmer and more peaceful and I am more than eager to experience the way up the Bridge. A big thanks to my auditor and to the people in the Freezone for making it possible that the Tech of L. Ron Hubbard will be delivered to those who have stood up for Standard Tech and have been persecuted by the official organization of Scientology. – T.

I definitely did find a place where I can go up the Bridge!

I just wanted to share that I had wonderful wins during the auditing and I also wanted to say that I am amazed by the good positive environment of the Ron’s Org Grenchen, the professionalism, the adherence to Standard Tech, and generally wonderful staff. Max and Erica Hauri who run the org are incredibly wonderful and knowledgeable people, and I wonder if there is any independent Center like that one anywhere in the world! So I encourage everyone to contact them and get their Training and Auditing there! This was my second visit to the Ron’s Org and I was so happy to meet people from all over the world there, not just Europe… but from Mexico, Argentina, USA… including many old-timers from Europe. I definitely did find a place where I can go up the Bridge! – E.

“A Being is only as valuable as he can serve others.” – LRH

This auditing Level is POWERFUL. It is also BEAUTIFUL in its results: I now have a NEW life (maybe I should say a REAL life!), thanks to this absolutely awesome level, which is simply LRH Technology applied with amazing intelligence and common sense. I am MYSELF, and I like ME! I also like people a lot more, because now I can UNDERSTAND them. No, I am NOT perfect. I don’t want to be. Life is not perfect, I don’t want it to be, only NOW I can handle whatever comes up. Life is good. Life is simple. People are wonderful. My body is healthy, I am happy. I am GRATEFUL. Ron wrote: “A Being is only as valuable as he can serve others.” Per that, to me all of you are the most valuable beings existing in this planet right now. It is a great honor to be part of this amazing and beautiful Group. – A.

I’m living better and better…

A new stage has been reached and this thanks to you. From the first auditing session I could feel the effects. And after each session I feel more impressed about my progresses, I come out feeling lighter and happy to have discovered auditing! I’m living better and better, I can grasp my attitudes and can do something about it in order to not spoil my happiness. Just that is already magic, I have the feeling to become super powers. Just want to say: “as soon as possible back into session!” to improve and learn new things in order to better survive in this ruthless world. – C.

I am more tolerant… my attitude towards my family is different.

Recently I have been remembering all of these moments and facts from my life. Like stuff that I used to know, but at some point I forgot all about. Stuff like a toy I used to have or that my brother used to have. Details of houses I’ve lived in… I am more tolerant as well, I think. My attitude towards my family is different. I have been handling my family better in general. And also problem or worries I used to have, have fixed themselves, or a chance for me to fix them has appeared. – E.

I’m peaceful and positive…

The whole hostility I was feeling since a lot of years when I was outside… NOTHING ANYMORE. It’s magic, it’s unbelievable. I feel very good, I’m peaceful and positive, sometimes I have to pinch myself in order to confirm me that’s all really true and I really want it will last, and last, and last…I found the road I was spiritually looking for and I have the answer here. – L.

I am in command of the ship…

After only a few days on the Detox Program, I felt the positive effects of it. Increased mental clarity – as if each day a new veil fell. Now I am more fully in the present time. I gained energy and resistance to stress. I moved from “the desire to do things” to “I do the thing” simply. My will is much more assertive and I no longer feel overwhelmed by the complicated situations of my daily life – I face it serenely, and I better see what are the next steps to do. And instead of submitting my limits by finding excuses, I now feel able to move and take actively control of my health. In summary: I am in command of the ship, there is less fog on the windshield. Finally thank you to the Ron’s Org to exist and to offer me the tools that will henceforth – whatever happens – make me go to the best. – R.

Change is great!

Since a few years I knew I will have to do the Detox Program. And now it’s done, gosh what a change! I took a lot of drugs and drunk a lot of alcohol during my early youth. Since then I walked through life with heaviness, a lot of fatigue and trouble with my thinking and my concentration. Today I feel so good, happy, serene, relieved, light, and everything. I didn’t feel that way for so long! I feel I found myself back and reconnected with myself! I see the world bright, big and beautiful. I have confidence in the future. All my perceptions changed! I never felt so good, my body is not tired and I found a spiritual vitality I had lost. Change is great! – E.

I believe in me and I trust in my feelings and perceptions.

To my satisfaction, I have concluded that I am not anymore the Miss Patty Cake I used to be, nevertheless I didn’t want to behave like this stereotype. Besides, all of a sudden, I could remember vividly the day when I did wish and want also, not to be any more the unassertive one I was. I have no doubt that it was a consequence of my lack of memory about the long life I have lived before forgetting my entire life experience which would have allowed me to put this present life in its proper perspective. So I was unable to be aware of my eternal essence as a spiritual being. Bearing this in mind henceforth I recognize myself as the Cause of my own circumstances not being the effect of them anymore. I believe in me and I trust in my feelings and perceptions. – P.

I understood the real essence of myself…

It is an amazing experience to go through the Dianetics process. I could hardly believe than I had a very long life that was displayed in front my eyes. I understood that my whole spiritual existence is like a necklace in which my present life is only one of the beads. I feel more confident and happier than before the auditing and I understand the real essence of myself and that makes me happy. Yes, I am very happy to be myself. On the other hand, I consider that death is a simple and natural change to a different level. It has its own beauty because, metaphorically speaking, the spirit leaves the body, like a cocoon, turning into a butterfly. I feel deeply moved with these conclusions. I am not attached to my past anymore. On the contrary, I can say I love my present and the better thing of all is that I wish to build a future full of accomplishments. – P.

Dianetics is a weapon of mass destruction for the human aberrations.

After a quarter of a century being Book One auditor (Dianetics Modern Science of Mental Health), is hard to drop, because it is a fabulous tool, accessible to all, to create miracles around and so getting people to know Dianetics and Scientology. After more than a quarter of a century of research, discovery and development, L. Ron Hubbard discovered the New Era Dianetics Technology.  It is the bomb, a weapon of mass destruction for the human aberrations. You really had to love mankind to spend all this time to find ways to make him happy and healthy. It is an honor and it is wonderful to wear Ron’s hat, to bring them to smile and hope. Make people happy! – M.

Now I can study every subject that interests me with fun and interest.

It was a very fun time. I think it was hilarious to dig out some real misunderstandings thanks to the auditing. Words, I was absolutely sure to know the meaning of. As we cleared them I had to laugh about my error. It was a release to see that the correct definition made much more sense. Now I can study every subject that interests me with fun and interest. – D.

First time in my life I am truly happy and well in my boots.

What relief during those auditing hours! I did not think that I will feel one day such a well-being, such releases. I think it’s really the first time in my life I am truly happy and well in my boots. And that’s just the start, the better! – P.

More communication and more understanding.

The least I could say is that many things in my life changed during the auditing. And I am very glad about it! I did the HQS Course during the same time and gained a lot from it. In general the auditing on the Grade 0 opened me much more for communication and the auditing on the Grade 1 brought me more understanding. Life appears to be much easier and I love things that are easy. – S.

I feel free to engage into new things.

I completed the Grade II auditing during my last stay in Grenchen. It was a big release: I felt like free to engage into new things without feeling hindered or interfered with by the past. Grade I had given me the ability to look at problems and make them vanish. Grade II made me able to look around with stability and serenity, just being myself.  – L.

Freed of the self-criticism I suffered for a long time.

My inner “censor” has died on the auditing! And I got freed of the self-critisism I suffered for a long time. I feel myself being again harmonical and right. And friendly towards the whole world… – E.

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