The Bridge

We deliver the complete Bridge per the standard technology of L. Ron Hubbard.

You will find below a simplified version of the Bridge. If you are looking for a specific rundown or action, please contact us, we will be happy to provide more details for you.


In life, a bridge takes one over a river or a road or a railway. It is a way to go from one place to another. In Scientology, the Bridge is a way to symbolize going from unknowingness to knowledge. Higher spiritual states and higher levels of ability are desirable things. But how exactly does one get there? The Bridge is the road map. The same as you may need a road map to get from one city to another. The Scientology Bridge is your road map to being happier, healthier and more able as well as your road to greater spiritual knowledge!

Scientology can offer you this road. Thousands of people can testify about it. They can also testify about the knowledge and skills gained through it and once obtained, will never be lost. See for yourself by reading the testimonials.

The Bridge is to be read from bottom to top

The Bridge

Name of LevelAudited SubjectGained Ability
ClearHealthy, happy, able, creative, freed of undesirable behaviors. Good memory. IQ above average. Trust himself as a being.
Grade 4Fixed ConditionsFreed from fixed conditions and able to do new things
Grade 3Changes and upsets from lifeFreed of earlier disagreements, able to face future
Grade 2Past actions and restrictionsFreed of hostilities and sufferings of life, can reach.
Grade 1Havingness for material objects, physical communication, help, control and problemsAble to identify the cause of problems and handle them
Grade 0CommunicationAble to freely communicate with anyone on any subject
Dianetics AuditingUnwanted feelings, misemotions, pain and traumaA healthy and happy person
Dianetics Procedure for DrugsUnwanted feelings, misemotions and pains associated with taking medication, drugs and alcoholFreed from mental effects of drugs, alcohol or feeling compelled to consume them
ARC Direct RecallAffinity, Reality, Communication – RecallKnows he/she won't worsen anymore
Life RepairUpsets of lifeConnected again with friends and family
Fundamental Course - HQSA series of exercises and processes enabling the person to improve the control over her environment and to focus on someone or somethingStrongly bettered Life Potential
Detox ProgramCleanse and purify from drugs, medication and other toxic depositsFeels happy, attentive and alive
Book 1 Auditing*Engrams , Secondaries und LocksUnloading of mental harmful masses, moving out from mental endless loops

*Auditing per the Book 1: Click and read: “Dianetics: Modern Science of Mental Health“.
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Grade 2 (See on the table) has brought order into some disorder that was not even clearly visible before. It helped me understand many things in life. I have more understanding for others and I am a better friend to myself. I enjoy a much smoother communication with family and friends. One of the most beautiful moments was when I realized that actions and decisions in life are not black or white. I started seeing the different shades of what we call right or wrong, good or bad. Different viewpoints between different people lead to different decisions and behaviors. What is right for one, might be totally wrong for another. I felt peace and relief. I can be and let others be. And now I know how it feels to just let go. Big hug to the RO team and to all friends here. I love this home! – E.

It was a great pleasure to be audited on Grade 3! (see above on the table.) A few wins among so many others: My certainties increased in number and in power. It’s getting easier to keep my position. I reinforced my personal integrity. Tiredness doesn’t take over so easily anymore. Elan vital takes over now. I feel having much more free élan vital than before! I feel more and more serene and less and less easily restimulated. It’s very, very pleasant! – G.

I love Scientology. Do you know why? Because I love life! At the age of 40, I already started smelling the death coming. The inevitable pattern of life knocked at my door. Who can deny it? Who can say, oh no! I don’t want that! I will better follow another pattern! It is so definite and also so cruel, everybody has to experience death, having identified himself with the body. And there comes Scientology to reverse the whole thing. From the very early steps on the Bridge I saw myself becoming more and more alive, more and more fresh and new. I see the same happening to my friends as well. I have not noticed any exception until now. It is really miraculous. To have the possibility to say “YES to life and NO to death”. The body can have its own way, no problem, and we, very well can take the way up, be and stay forever alive, fresh and new. The eternity belongs to us, we can have it real and solid. It is delivered on the Bridge and available for all. Isn’t it good news? – Y.