What is an Auditor?


An Auditor is someone who frees people. An Auditor has been rigorously trained in Auditing techniques that help a person to know themselves and to discover his or her own truth.

An Auditor is extremely valuable and deserves our respect. To bring someone to the state of Clear is a very big and worthy goal but is not an easy task. Being a successful Auditor requires a lot of determination, intelligence, integrity and extraordinary courage.

Auditors have a huge moral duty and are greatly appreciated.

“Morale is made up of high purpose and mutual confidence.”
14. Dec. 1970 – L. Ron Hubbard


We, in the Ron’s Org, have seen that Auditors can free people and we believe that the fundamental knowledge of life they learn in order to audit is the key to a new civilization. A peaceful coexistence can only be achieved when the being and his mind (the thinking and all the memories) are understood and that this is best obtained through auditing.

The purpose is not to produce  “supermen” or “superwomen”, but someone who is freed from their false or useless reactions, and who is at peace with themselves.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of becoming an Auditor.

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I came ten days ago in the Ron’s Org with the purpose to train as an Auditor and today, I can measure the real size of the Standard Tech of LRH. Today, I can say with certainty: “I understand what I am studying…” the vital condition to put into practice and achieve the expected results. So it’s a big win. On the other hand, the presentation of the Ron’s Org on the website corresponds to what I have experienced here these recent days: friendly people, respected Tech, a good atmosphere, no pressure. I am on a real road, in the direction of knowledge, practice and therefore a life with responsibility and “today’s world needs it??!!” – A.


For me as a professional Auditor, it is always astonishing how precisely the Grades are arranged by L. Ron Hubbard and what wonderful stable wins and abilities people can gain with it. What would be an ideal being? It’s a being that is actively operating in life to accomplish his goals on the different parts of life.

How would one feel without the security of deeply knowing that they will not get any worse? How could you operate without the ability to communicate? What if you still have worries about problems or can’t recognize the source of them? If you always get entangled into conditions with problems and can’t receive or give help? What if you are not willing to have others being at cause over others without feeling the need to intervene for fears of their doing harm? Can you imagine not having the ability to face the future or to experience sudden changes without becoming upset? Or not being able to cause changes in one’s own life without ill effects? How about one that has not the ability to face life without the need to make himself wrong?

The grades have so much to give to us to grow as a being. Provided they are all audited to the full expectation of each Grade. I think the Grades are the best present one could give to oneself. It makes me glad to know that we have this wonderful precision technique. And I feel glad I can help others to harvest their gains. – D.