The Professional Study Course


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The value of the study and apprenticeship is probably best recognized when someone is unable to learn. In what type of situation is someone who cannot learn?

In a society which demands more and more knowledge from everyone, we cannot afford not to know how to learn and study. Our life goes more and more in the direction of having to undergo continuing training and therefore we cannot stand still.

•  Those who are successful in their lives never stop studying and learning.

•  Learning is an ability one can acquire.

•  It is not innate or impossible to obtain.

•  Everyone can learn.

•  And it should be fun doing it.

The most important is to be able to apply what we learn and be really able to apply it. Being a repository of knowledge and do nothing with it, is not the purpose.

The Professional Study Course teaches you how to learn.

Among other subjects, you will learn:

♦  How to also learn difficult texts.

♦  What causes the inability to learn and therefore remain stuck.

♦  Why you cannot assimilate new data.

♦  Why you become tired while studying.

♦  Why you become nervous and slightly aggressive.

♦  Why you suddenly stop studying something, whereas at first you were really interested.

♦  What to do when you understand nothing anymore.

♦  And much, much more.

When you have regained the ability to learn, you will have achieved something very important. This capacity is a key stepping stone in life that opens all doors for your future.

This course is a prerequisite for many courses in the Ron’s Org.



Yeah!!! Just finished the big study course! Youhou! I am really happy I have done and finished this course. This course really put some order in my ideas on studies. Ron exposes into light things I always thought and felt but that I never dared thinking, expressing or even believed so much it was in contradiction with the educational system as it is. This course reestablished and reinforced my self-confidence in my capacity to study. Studying and learning are much easier than people want us to believe. And indeed, thanks to this course and auditing, I see things more clearly, better and that makes me smarter! It has never been so nice and cool and fun for me to study. – G.

This is a knowledge we need in our daily life and it can be applied. This knowledge has personally helped me tremendously during the various training I had to follow as well as the seminars I was giving. I am sooooo glad I did this course that I can only advise it to you. Thank you to the Ron’s Org Grenchen for your support and to L. Ron Hubbard for this knowledge! – R.

Done! Great feeling to get completed!! In this powerful and everything-will-be-made-without-effort but easily surrounding, it was a pleasure to finish my course. Without the data from this course, studying or even reading would be slowly, I think. Now I’m quite sure to go up with my abilities. – J.

The Professional Study Course did something very basic in my life. Apart from the technology I learned, I discovered “cleaning the words”. The language has always meant a lot to me, but now it has taken a new dimension. My general knowledge has increased and continues to expand daily. It makes me very happy and it’s like I’m getting bigger and bigger, just fantastic. The Professional Study Course is really recommended for everyone. – M.