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“The supreme test of a being is his ability
to make things go right.

– L. Ron Hubbard


Next Gen Training Week

For a few years now, the youth of the Next Gen (Next Generation) have had a strong desire to get the same services as those delivered during the Standard Adult Training Week. This week of training is designed specifically for younger students in an atmosphere that communicates to them.

♦  All young people up to 30 years old are welcome.

♦  Usually this training occurs the first week of August.


Many hotels as well as Bed and Breakfasts are available in Grenchen. Since they can sell out rather quickly, we suggest that you do not wait too long to register for this unforgettable week.

The future NEXT-GEN Week will take place in August 2019

For more information, please contact by e-mail:

or call us at this number: +41 32 513 72 20




The NextGen Camp 2017 was the most international of the three camps with young people coming from Ukraine, South Africa, France, Mexico, Germany, and Switzerland. This mixture contributed to creating an incredibly diversified and joyful atmosphere: while cleaning up the kitchen in the evening, we were dancing and singing; in the morning, we discovered the surroundings by a 12 km jogging before breakfast. Exciting discussions continued sometimes until late in the evening.

And like during each camp, it was a real relief for all of us to realize that there are other young people who are struggling with the same difficulties in life, who are concerned with the same themes and who are able to share wins and common realities.

For us the organizers, we are always fascinated to see how a group dynamics is setting up and like different interests crystallize little by little throughout the week. The central theme this year was to find a way to transmit these “good vibes” without overwhelming or annoying friends. And how to stay connected even if people around you do not really contribute and would make it easy to walk away. We look forward to another opportunity to organize a new NextGen Camp next year. – M.

The Hard TRs changed my life. I thought it wasn’t possible. I thought I couldn’t feel this way, to suddenly have all this power. But it is possible and I am extremely grateful to the Supervisors for creating this space to have these wins. – M.

We had a superb week. For the young people, their biggest win was to see that they were not alone with the desire to create a better world and that there are other people who like “to eat more sanely”, “who do not have to be always doing the same as others”, “who want to help” and “who are thirsty for knowledge”. These young people found here a group where they feel good for the first time, without having to “disguise”. For us, the instructors, it was fantastic to see young people who help each other and the cohesion that resulted. It was going right to our heart more deeply throughout the week. – M.

13 years old: my attitude regarding study has completely changed during this course. It is only fun.

17 years old: these people are simply freer in their head and are not only interested in shoes and salad.

25 years old: I realized that confront is even more important than physical training to become a good player of Ice Hockey.

17 years old: it was not easy at the beginning, but you have all helped me to get through it all. None of you made fun of me. And that is definitely something else than what I live in the college where I am.