Hard TRs

What are the Hard TRs?


Discover the key to being able to comfortably face life
and to perceive how it works.


The Hard TRs (TR’s = Training Routines) are communication exercises. They were originally developed to train professional Auditors but they also can greatly improve anyone’s communication skills. Done properly, they are real life boosters!

Find the Power in yourself!


You can expect …

♦  A huge improvement in your communication skills.

♦  A very strong improvement in your capacity to confront life’s difficulties.

♦  An increased ability to concentrate.

♦  Improved willingness to really listen.

♦  A huge release (even if the person did not know she was withdrawn).

♦  Many misunderstandings disappearing to become clear. Understandable data.

♦  Increased confidence and self esteem.


Hard TRs are hard, just as the name suggests. You will go through moments of difficulty and may even question why you agreed to do the course. But when complete, the wins you will have had will make you feel it was all worth it!


Read what the Hard TRs graduates describe!

“I finished the Hard TRs Training week in Switzerland. It was by far the best course I have done with a majority of wins, while I am in Scientology since 10 years. And I swear to you that this is also the biggest understatement which ever came out of my mouth.” – B.H.


My horizons have unexpectedly expanded and opened up.” – U.S.


For me, the Hard TRs week was one of the biggest wins I got since I am in Scientology. I feel really stable and I’m totally there! During this extremely effective week, a lot of things happened and changed.

“During the Hard TRs, I realized that I had no more attention on the time, namely if I was doing the exercise for 5 minutes or for several hours; that did not matter, I was right there! I had the feeling to just look and perceive without using the body and without any effort.

Several times during the week, I had the feeling to have found my own “frozen Theta”. And I felt very light and full of affinity – like a source that could never dry up and could produce Affinity, Reality, Communication and unlimited Theta.” – U.S.


“I had the perception that I was out when I was physically in the course room and found it very interesting. My space has increased, I could much better perceive the course room that was not there for me before. My space is made of peace and contentment.” – E.S.


“I got huge wins! But I swear, the Hard TRs bear the perfect name. At first, I was not the happiest sitting on my chair. It may sound horrible or impossible, but we go through and we come across in a brighter, lighter and easier world; one feels reborn.” – M.B.


“The Hard TRs are tough, but they are so good that the description of the wins is almost impossible to put into words. For me, the Hard TRs were the most impressive thing I’ve done so far.” – M.W.


A serenity like I have never felt in my entire life.” – JB.


“I began, and suddenly, after a sort of ‘being out in the wilderness’ followed by great discoveries about life, I have changed, I became exterior; from there I knew I could only win through the Hard TRs, namely what I always wanted: an inner and deep peace, and the consciousness of all my skills I must really use.” – E.K.


“At the end, I achieved a fantastic point where I could really exteriorize and I was totally myself. I had the feeling to shine. It was a huge win that I cannot put into words.” – D.M.


I invite you to share an adventure!

Do the Hard TRs,
and you will never be the same.