Test: Know yourself!

(Oxford Capacity Analysis)

If, despite all our efforts, we are unable to find a solution to an existing problem,
it means that we don’t address the right problem!

This test will allow you to discover your profile
and find the correct problem and open the door to its resolution.

Discover and better learn to know yourself!

Discover how others are perceiving you.

Become aware of your real abilities.

Understand your strengths so you can better use them!

Recognize the source of your personal barriers.

Understand your weaknesses – Get rid of them!



Are you stumbling on barriers which prevent you to reach your full potential and lower your ability to be happy, efficient and successful in any area of you life?
Your first step is to precisely identify the cause. By getting your personal profile not only will you recognize what those barriers are, but how to get rid of them.


Warning: If you interrupt doing the test, answers will be lost.

Count around 30 minutes to answer all the questions.

Please, make sure to give us a valid e-mail address or phone number!

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Personal experiences

“When looking at my profile I realize how precise it is, but how little I understand my behavior. An incredible experience I warmly recommend to anyone.” – J.F.

“I could not understand why people would not understand me. Now it is clear. It is a big relief and I can do something about it to change it. – S.J.

“I was completely surprised to see how the profile showed my strengths. It was a beautiful confirmation that in my life, I do things right!” – O.H.