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You can be FREE of life’s painful experiences!



Dianetics can bring relief from the emotionally and physically painful incidents in your life. It is an exact science which works with the precision of engineering in the field of the human mind. It is the technology that can reduce the effects of stressful events and deal with mental barriers.

Do you know that your brain is a physical organ by the same token as a hand or a stomach and that YOU think with your mind? Did you know that a part of your mind stores past memories of pain and failures which can still affect you years after they happened and that they can hold you back from achieving your full potential.

Human beings are perfectly able to solve problems, when they have the correct data or information to work with unless they are prevented from doing so by external forces or by aberration – any deviation or departure from rationality.

The individual being threatened by external forces will oppose them with violent emergency reactions. When these forces become too strong, they injure the person physically. As he can no longer resist them, the individual becomes unconscious to some degree.

Dianetics proves for the first time that when an individual is “unconscious”, he still continues to record sensations in detail including all sounds and tactile impressions, as well as the emotional and physical pain which accompanies the injury or illness or traumatic event which caused the “unconsciousness”.

Later on, if a similar situation occurs, it will re-trigger the traumatic incident causing the individual to feel uncomfortable. He or she can feel all the recorded sensations of the earlier incident again including emotional and physical pain and yet not fully understand where these feelings are coming from. He may only know that he is not acting rationally about one thing or another and cannot understand why.

The reactions can have as many patterns as there are incidents in one’s past. These can reduce a person’s ability to think clearly, or lead to eccentric and inadequate behaviors and even cause psychosomatic illnesses.

Dianetics can quickly offer you, among other benefits:

♦   A happier mood.
♦   Healing from the death of loved ones and friends.
♦   Relief from feelings of hopelessness or depression.
♦   More energy to perform daily tasks.
♦   Less guilt, less victimization and a better sense of what is right.
♦   A clearer understanding and greater perception of people and things in your environment.
♦   A greater understanding of how the world and human beings function.
♦   The discovery and understanding of how thoughts can implement an aberrative mode of operation.
♦   Becoming aware of being under the influence of the past traumatic incidents, and be able to act differently.
♦   Feeling more like yourself more of the time.
♦   Being capable of more precise thinking.
♦   In general, a greater ease to daily life.
♦   Less stuck or persistent thoughts or feelings or fixed ideas you can’t shake.
♦   The beginning of a greater self-confidence.

The final result of applying Dianetics Technology is a state called “Clear”.
It is a state of mental well-being never before achieved by Man.

Don’t be the slave of your experiences –
Become the Master of your thoughts and actions!

Read the chapter “The Clear” in this book: Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health

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I just completed the Dianetics auditing. It was a fabulous step for me, which I had been waiting for a very, very long time. The wins are many but if I was to summarize them, I would say that the being I am has recovered a stable awareness of being himself, separate from his body and no longer often a bit mixed up with it. And along with this, I have recovered the awareness of my motivations and my goals. A very big thank you to all! – L.

Dianetics Technology helped me get my career under control and gain confidence. – C.

My father died and when I went back to work at my advertising agency, I found myself having difficulty communicating and handling executive problems. After just one session of Dianetics, I was able to understand my relationship with my father and to cope with the loss and help my family cope. It answered questions I always had about life and death and who I was. – M.

I wanted to use Dianetics Technology to change my life – to REALLY change it – within a year’s time. It only took a week. I set a new mark, and another one, and so on – with complete success. How good can YOU get? Try it and see! – R.

After writing over 300 scripts for TV, I cannot emphasize enough the value of Dianetics to a writer, or any other creative person. The state of Clear took all the stops off my creative imagination, and totally blew away those self-invalidations and doubts that can destroy one’s ability to create. With Dianetics I learned what makes people tick. In my professional career this is vital because I write about people. And in my personal life, this data is even more valuable because I can use it to help my friends improve their abilities as well. – J.

I feel that the Dianetics book should be a vital part of every person’s personal library and its reading is a definite first step in the achievement of sanity, health and self-respect. – P.