What is the Communication Course?

Communication is the basis of all of our relationships in life. Whether at work, at home, in friendships or socially, it all depends on our ability to communicate effectively.

Discover through simple but powerful exercises
the important basics of communication:

  Be a more effective communicator.

  Be able to help others become better also.

  Be sure that you are understood and that you understand others.

Communication is the key to unlock the door to success!

“He who can truly communicate to others
is a higher being who builds new worlds.”

– L. Ron Hubbard



The communication course has brought me so much. It helped me to communicate better with the people, to understand them better, not to yell at them, but to say things with intention. There are the funniest exercises on this path. But then the wins are priceless. I notice how people talk to me and enjoy talking to me or telling me something. It really is an ABILITY. I recommend this course to everyone. – C.

The Communication Course in my point of view is a knowledge that I learnt: How to efficiently complete a communication. At the beginning of the communication, the intention creates how to deliver the message from oneself to another. Then the exercises have given the rest of the cycle. I think my speech is clearer than before I took the course. I am now more in a present time than before. I developed my abilities with this course. – Y.

The gray clouds clear up… I still cannot believe how my life has changed in so little time! The auditing sessions on my Life Repair Program and doing the Communication Course led me to find my inner resources which opened up the space in my life to rediscover myself and gain experience. I have learned to look at my life with a broader perspective, to perceive my old wounds, conflicts and communications, to confront and redefine them. I feel an inner transformation in progress: a level of “I” on which I create the life I am in, and hence I can reach out. – R.

As I came here I was really afraid to communicate, I was very introverted. After the Communication Course I felt a change. At the end I find back and developed my capacity to communicate. For example I’m not worry with the idea to have an interview for a new job anymore. I urge you to do this course. – L.

I wanted to tell you that I immediately began to apply a few things.  As I talked with “N.” the evening, he told me that I was speaking in a more mature way, what I have to take as a compliment from him. I’m really very happy to have learned so much in only 3 days! Thank you for all. – D.