What is the Basics of Life Course?

Would you like to:

♦   Know and understand the principles of life?

♦   Even be able to determine what is happening in your life?

♦   Become more efficient?

♦   Understand why things happen to you in a certain way?

♦   … Be able to improve them so it will not occur anymore?

♦   Be able to help someone?

♦   Be aware of what is going on around you and be able to change the situation for the better?


Life Can Be So Simple!

The Basics of Life Course is the best foundation course you can do.
You will study a lot of valuable data, learn about life,
obtain a multitude of useful tips, and you will even be trained as an Auditor!

You will really audit! And you will be audited!


“Greatness does not stem from savage wars or being known.
It stems from being true to one’s own decency,
from going on helping others whatever they do or think or say and
despite  all savage acts against one;
to persevere without changing one’s basic attitude toward Man.

– L. Ron Hubbard




I am very happy. I just finished my Basics of Life Course and I feel overwhelmed by a huge happiness. This course was very rewarding. I had a great fun studying and I now have powerful tools that will help me in life and that will help me improve a lot of things. Added to all this, I have experienced enormous wins through the auditing. – L.

The Basics of Life course is simply wonderful. It opens up to the real application of the Scientology Technology and encompasses various areas of life, allowing to understand and handle what is going on around us. I also got the pleasure to receive auditing as it is part of the course and also to be able to be the Auditor. Physical changes, viewpoints and states of beingness, all these phenomena happened to me. – L.

Today for the first time, I have observed that I only “occupy” this body. It was a great feeling. And I feel much better than yesterday and even ever before! – U.

This course brought a lot of knowledge to me and beside this, the auditing was really ideal. What made me the happiest was the gained experience as an Auditor which is really help the other person. Very rewarding! – H.