What is Auditing?

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The word Auditing comes from the latin, meaning “audire”, which means “to listen”. An auditor asks specific questions and carefully listens to what the preclear (a person who wants to become Clear) communicates.

It is this action that allows a person to discover new skills, to get rid of trauma and to become themselves again. The genius of auditing is that one can help a person through communication to achieve this objective.

Auditing brings a being to Clear.

Auditing is confidential and the auditor is bound by professional secrecy.

What is Dianetics Auditing?

Dianetics addresses physical and mental trauma. Injuries often leave lasting mental pictures that a person tends to keep permanently in the mind, and often while sleeping they can cause restlessness or nightmares.

Thanks to auditing, the semi-conscious or unconscious pictures are erased. This erasure is often associated with great relief and the person feels rejuvenated. Dianetics auditing gradually erases this collection of mental pictures known as the reactive mind and brings the person to the state of Clear.

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I feel so much better after having run the last incident. It’s not luck, it’s just a feeling that a lot of bad experiences are gone. The fears that I have always had, sadness and mystery, as well as somatics disappeared. I am aware that there is still much more to free, to audit and to understand, but now in the present, I feel very “light” and full of serenity. It seems that there are still many other things that are associated with it. D.

It is an amazing experience to go through the Dianetics process. I could hardly believe then I had a very long life that was displayed in front my eyes. I understood that my whole spiritual existence is like a necklace in which my present life is only one of the beads. I feel more confident and happier than before the auditing and I fathom the real essence of myself and that makes me happy. Yes, I am very happy to be myself. I am not attached to my past anymore. On the contrary, I can say I love my present and the better thing of all is that I wish to build a future full of accomplishments. – P.

What are Scientology-Auditing and the Grades?

Scientology auditing gives you the opportunity to put some order into the data and information you received from parents, siblings, family, school, society, etc., and gives you the opportunity to correct it so you can make your own education according to your own criteria.

Scientology auditing enhances your existing abilities or creates new ones. It brings relief from the hostilities and suffering that life has inflicted on you and allows you to see the future in a new way.

The Grades are auditing steps done in a specific order that allows this to happen and insures that these gains, once obtained, are permanent.


“Dianetics is used for the body.

Scientology is concerned with the Thetan (a Thetan is
the spiritual being, the individual himself).

A Thetan can probably create a disease,
but it is the body which is ill.

Thus Dianetics is used to remove and
clear the illnesses,
unwanted and uneasy feelings, somatics, pain, etc.
Scientology and the Grades are not used for such things.

Scientology helps to increase spiritual freedom, intelligence
and abilities and leads to immortality.”

L. Ron Hubbard



What I love with Scientology is that it works. It really is a SCIENCE of the mind. Ron created procedures which all have a “final phenomenon”. Well, what Ron said will happen, will surely happen at the end! And it’s valid for everyone! It’s just amazing. It seems magical, but no, it’s scientific! – G.

That automatic action I used to do has disappeared to a great extent. I now control thoughts and actions. Great tech! – G.

My inner “censor” died on the auditing! And I got freed of self-criticism I suffered for a long time. I feel again in harmony and being right. And friendly towards the whole world… – E.

What relief during those auditing hours! I did not think that I will feel one day such a well-being, such releases. I think it’s really the first time in my life where I am truly happy and well in my boots. – P.

You were all wonderful with your help. It would be difficult to list all my wins in this journey. I think “released from problems” speaks for itself. I couldn’t express it better. Of course, it’s just a little phrase. “Released from problems!”  Man, this is a huge achievement! – L.

The least I could say is that many things in my life changed during the auditing. And I am very glad about it! In general, auditing opened me much more for communication and brought me more understanding. I am much more in Communication with my environment and the universe. Life appears to be much easier and I love things that are easy. – S.

When I see how I was when I arrived at the Ron’s Org and as I feel today, I compare two different beings. Today, I am healthy, I really feel upright, powerful and joyful. Things that are important to me are getting implemented; my job allows me to have enough time and money, and I get along very well with a lot of people – luckily, as my acquaintances count on me. And the amazing thing is, it seems that I control what happens in my life. Anyway, these are more external situations. I can again remember my truths. And there is still much more worthwhile wins to be achieved, much more than just keeping a body in a functioning state. – T.