Bill Robertson

Who was Captain Bill Robertson?


William Branton Robertson was born the 2nd of December 1936 in Georgia (USA). He mainly lived during his youth in New Orleans, where he also attended College. He was educated as an engineer and worked as one for a few years.

Bill became involved in Scientology in the early ’60s. It was also at this time that he became interested in world politics. As an engineer, he had participated in the construction of silos for military rockets, and he began to change his mind about such methods being able to bring a solution to global problems.

At the first opportunity, he managed to find a berth on a ship departing for England to join the headquarters of Scientology that was located there. He arrived at Saint Hill in 1965 and enrolled on the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course. He was very excited about what he studied and gave it all his energy.

Bill met Hubbard for the first time shortly after having arrived at Saint Hill. With other students, he broke into the chapel to play in a musical guitar jam. Ron intrigued by the music, came in and also took a guitar and began to sing old pirates songs he had known on his time track. It is only after having finished their guitar jam that students realized the founder of Scientology was with them.

Bill soon became a staff member and manager of the Estates. After having finished his Class VIII Course, he also assumed an auditing function in addition to the responsibility of properties. He then became part of the new Sea Organization established in early 1967. He became the chief engineer on the first ship, “The Enchanter” and continued in a many different capacities.

For many years, he was also captain of the main ship “Apollo”. He was awarded the rank of Captain by LRH directly; only L. Ron Hubbard’s wife – Mary Sue – had received that distinction before. Since that time, Bill was never known as anything else but simply “Captain Bill”. The Sea Organization went through many adventures and Bill was almost always a big part of those moments.

Hubbard was very impressed with Bill’s abilities during his various missions. If there was a great urgency in any organization anywhere in the world and nobody else could solve it, Bill would be sent. He has successfully performed many missions around the world. He was also the CO (Commanding Officer) in many large organizations around the world. And it is clear that through his activities, he has greatly contributed  to the incredible growth of the Scientology movement worldwide.

Captain Bill was the type of person who would attack a problem, regardless of the opposed force. It is clear that this kind of work cannot be done without some casualties and without attracting the wrath of some. But he still managed to be respected for his excellent work. Hubbard even awarded him the title of “Kha-Khan”, an award given in ancient armies for exceptionally brave deeds. It meant that one can be forgiven the death sentence (in the Church = a suppressive person declare) ten times over. Bill used his award several times during his Sea Organization career.

In 1981, after Hubbard disappeared and that he had no more contact with the organization, Bill began to do some research to find out what went wrong in the Church. According to him, it must have been infiltrated and taken over by US government agents. He pursued this and found quite a lot of data to back up his theory.

In 1985, Bill established a network of independent Centers that became known as “Ron’s Org“. Today, there are over 25 independent Centers, from Alaska to Buenos Aires, from Europe to South Africa, in Israel, and through Russia to Taiwan. Currently these Centers are very active and deliver a large number of services to the public.

Bill lived in various places across Europe, including Germany, Spain and Switzerland. He died on 12 May 1991.


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