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What actually is Scientology?

Scientology does not give you ready-to-be-used answers, because everyone is different. Instead, Scientology provides tools that allow you to flourish and discover what is true and best for you. “All that we are, is the result of what we think. All that we are, is built in our thoughts and was built by our thoughts.” Read more

What is the Free Zone?

In a few easy sentences, find out what the Free Zone really is, how the idea came about, and how it has been created. Read more

What is the Ron’s Org?

The goal of the Ron’s Org is to freely apply the technology and philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard as he originally developed them and as he originally taught and successfully applied them to help others to improve. Read more

What is the structure of the Ron’s Org?

We decided to create an informal network. There are many groups spread throughout different cities and places in many countries around the world that deliver auditing and supervise courses. Read more

What is the difference between the Ron’s Org and the Church of Scientology?

L. Ron Hubbard defined his activities as being humanitarian and never defined them differently. Our intention is not to control the society by our philosophy, but to enrich it. Each of us has benefited from the works of L. Ron Hubbard one way or another in our life. Either by increasing our abilities, improving our inner welfare and raising our consciousness. Read more

Who was L. Ron Hubbard?

Discover who L. Ron Hubbard really was. He began to explore the spiritual nature of the human beings. He succeeded in his study of the human mind and wrote an unpublished book. In 1950, he published “Dianetics – The Modern Science of Mental Health,” a book on the anatomy of the human mind in which he gives the precise method of how to resolve the traumatic experiences of life. Read more

Who was Captain Bill Robertson?

Bill was awarded the rank of Captain by LRH directly. Captain Bill was the type of person who would attack a problem, regardless of the opposed force. In 1985, Bill established a network of independent Centers that became known as “Ron’s Org”. Today, there are over 25 independent Centers, from Alaska to Buenos Aires, from Europe to South Africa, in Israel, and through Russia to Taiwan. Currently these Centers are very active and deliver a large number of services to the public. Read more

How does Scientology define the spirit or human Soul?

Discover finally what the spirit or the soul is. Who are you in all this? Is it possible to feel free? When you close your eyes and think, Who does it? Read more

What is “Exteriorization”?

Open the door to an exciting and exhilarating adventure! You will be amazed and will never want to go back to your old “self”. Read more


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