What is a true Philosophy?

Philosophy = The Fundamentals of Thought

Probably the most quoted phrase in philosophy is: “The truth will set you free.” Please tell me, what is the “truth” often quoted? (To Video “The way to Perfection”.) Are we talking about mathematics? about physics? chemistry? or even “History” – which Voltaire called a “Mississippi of lies”?

The “truth” in these fields or in similar fields will not really free anyone; the benefits of these truths being of a different nature, should however not be held in contempt.

Fundamentals of Philosophy

Fundamentals of Tought by L. Ron Hubbard

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Someone only sees what is real for him. I saw it again and again, starting with myself. Conversely, when something becomes real once, it is almost impossible to not see it again.

A physical truth is easy to demonstrate and to see. But what about the mind? What about human and interpersonal mechanisms? Things we can observe without being able to touch them? How does thought work? How does the mind work? What are memories? Now, if you assert that all this is happening in our neurons, then I’m going to tell you that doctors cannot explain how someone can officially be brain dead and yet he or she comes back to life with all of their memories intact. The same thing applies to spontaneous healing. There are not many cases like this, but still medicine cannot explain them.

The Truth

What is the truth about you? I’m not asking you everything you’ve done and that you may not want to talk about, but rather who or what are you?

Do you understand that if you know and understand this truth, and even more if you can apply it, then you can bring about small and great miracles?

You can guess why someone is upset and sad, but can you watch and fix that upheaval with him? I’m not talking about distracting him, which is certainly already a victory. It’s really about bringing order, or even erasing it, as I’ve often heard at the end of a session: “It’s erased! It’s gone!

An argument is always harmless compared to having to help a mother who had her son murdered. It was neither easy nor quick, but I could see this woman become really happy, again; still today, I am touched by that. I could not have done this miracle if I had not understood the truth about Man, the Being.

If you know the truth, you can help a child who fails at school. You can help a couple who wants to split. You can help an angry person, you can help someone who cannot eat because he is so nervous that he cannot swallow anything anymore. I’m talking about real life examples, of course without naming anyone.


Understanding the truth is based on this line: When we read or study something, we only see what is real for ourselves. One practices it and applies it and it becomes more real for you and then, most of the time you see more. You read again the text and maybe another text and you see even more than the first time. Applying it again and it will become even more real. Then go back to the theory and learn more, and so on, and you will become more and more competent.

Learning by heart is not part of the true understanding.

It moves us all, including myself, when for example, a young woman who vomited at the least little stress and was declared anorexic because of this, could be helped and eat normally again, without vomiting, thanks to this applied philosophy. This year, I saw two of these girls who, after a few dozen hours of applied philosophy, were able to return to a normal life.

Fundamentals of Tought by L. Ron Hubbard

Download in PDF

Sincerely, Max Hauri

I can only recommend to you that you read the book
The Fundamentals of Thought
by L. Ron Hubbard

It is the fundamental book about philosophy