Anxiety States and Pictures

Unknown cause: The pictures

Dianetics: The modern science of mental health

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How can the mind cause anxiety states? How are you affected by the mind? It’s the pictures! In fact, they can have a big impact on you and your body and keep you from being healthy and happy. Although they are “only” pictures, they are anything but harmless.

Pictures can influence you, not only in a negative way. We all love beautiful pictures, we decorate our walls with them. We also love moving pictures or movies

Humanity produces pictures in astronomical quantities, just imagine the huge amounts of selfies alone!

Everyone has pictures and you do too. Not all pictures are harmless and we should not take this lightly. We keep hearing from people who have terrible pictures, especially at night, and, in particular after a tragic event. Pictures that prevent them from sleeping, pictures from nightmares, and pictures that are really etched in their minds. Anxiety states, negative emotions, dramatizations, and much more are dictated by these pictures or images.

Influence of Pictures

Pornography has a lot to do with pictures. Have you already observed what such a picture does to you? It’s not just the real naked person, it’s also the picture or the moving picture, therefore a movie that produces exactly the same effect. Isn’t that amazing?

A mental picture is not just a colorful or black and white two-dimensional imprint. Recorded pictures are three-dimensional and include voices and sounds, smells, pain, anxiety, anger, despair, heat and cold, sickness, accidents, and more. And they will influence your life!

Psychosomatic Illnesses

These pictures can be reactivated and can unfold their full potential, terrifying and frightening the person. This can cause a person to have a fit of rage; he or she can also become “simply” apathetic, can faint or can vomit. If a picture is strong enough, it can cause anything from a mild discomfort to a deadly, undiagnosed disease. Everything, really anything that can happen in real life, can also stem from a picture.

Persistent pictures are the cause of psychosomatic diseases of all kinds.

Uncontrolled Behavior

What is an uncontrolled behavior? It comes from pictures, often from unknown and forgotten pictures of events.

If you understand how these pictures are created, where and how they are stored, how they are activated, how they behave, how they are found and erased, just about anything related to them, then you will also know the answer to autosuggestion.

Autosuggestion or Self-Hypnosis

With autosuggestion you give yourself a good picture, again and again – “everyday in every way I’m getting better and better”it actually helps you to a certain extent, but you cannot neutralize or even erase an “anxiety picture” with a “good picture”. It’s like painting a crocodile in pink.

Can we get rid of the pictures?

Yes! you can get rid of these pictures, and this forever!

Once these pictures are erased, especially those that have been forgotten, they will no longer influence you and your self-determination will have increased to a very large extent. It is the best thing you can possibly do for yourself. Once you have erased a picture that was strongly influencing you in a very negative way, (without any drugs, or medications, or hypnosis) you will understand our enthusiasm.

Sincerely, Max Hauri

Understand how the pictures affect you and how you erase them.

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Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health
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