Free Books by L. Ron Hubbard

The original and free books of L. Ron Hubbard will help you discover and understand the mechanisms of human reactions, how to improve yourself, your environment and the society in which we live.

The way a science starts and then, evolves; all the secrets of communication; how to secure a job not due to relationships and connections but because of your efficiency; how to become and make others happier; how to be an educated parent, and most of all to better understand life as a philosophy, knowledge that is applicable to all areas of life, so that it is no longer slavery or drudgery.

Each book is extraordinarily rich and can change your life.

No longer feel like a tiny part of an infernal machine and
become the best version of yourself, free and unique!


The Modern Science of Mental Health (The guide of the human mind. Understand the mechanisms of the human mind and how and why people react the way they do!)

♦  The Original Thesis (How a science is born and its fundamentals)

♦  Evolution of a Science (How Dianetics evolved to become a highly efficient technology)

♦  Dianetic 55! (The secrets of communication and friendliness)

♦  Child Dianetic! (How to be an educated parent)


♦  A New Slant on Life (Become happier and make others happier too)

♦  Problems of Work (Reach success in your work)

♦  Self-Analysis (Improve yourself and your environment)

♦  Fundamentals of Thought (Understand life as an applied philosophy)

♦  Have you Lived before this Life? (Discover what others have observed and proved!)

The idea that life must be confused, hectic, and miserable just isn’t true at all. With the correct data, you can generate a very interesting and happy existence!

Download these books below for free, in PDF, Epub, Mobi
understand them and apply the outlined concepts
to live a better life. You are worth it!

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Dianetics The moderne science of mental health, free download full book

Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health

Dianetics The Original Thesis, free download full book

Dianetics The Original Thesis

Dianetics - evolution of a science free download full book

Dianetics Evolution of a Science

Dianetics 55! free download full book

Dianetics 55!

Child Dianetics, free download full book

Child Dianetics

Fondamentals of Thought, , free download full book

Fundamentals of Thought

Self-Analysis, free download full book

Self Analysis

Scientology a New Slant on Life, free download full book

Scientology: A New Slant On Life

Problems of Work, , free download full book

Problems of Work

Have You LIved Before This Life ? by L. Ron Hubbard

Have You LIved Before This Life ? by L. Ron Hubbard

Ron's Org Brochure, free download

Ron's Org Brochure