Upcoming Events

Whether you are interested in our free open house invitation, intensive training weeks, NEXT-GEN week, general events open to all, like our Mid-Summer fest on Mazzinistrasse, and by the seminars and their testimonials, look at the details below and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Friday, 14th December 2018: Open House from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm: We are at your disposal to answer ALL your questions about Scientology and Dianetics. If you think these questions are weird, annoying, embarrassing or even disturbing, consider them as an invitation to talk about them in all anonymity. Read more.


Seminars – Soon to come again!!!

Read what participants who attend the seminars have to say and join us!

“It’s a privilege to study L. Ron Hubbard’s Technology. Sharing different viewpoints on its application magnifies it and boosts all participants. Thank you for your informative and convivial seminars!” – M.

“Thank you for having made a subject a little “complicated” to me, much simpler and pleasant.” – A.

“During the seminars the data become very real and we get already familiar with them.  The only thing we have to do then is just to apply the data learned, and  we can  have wins in all aspects of life, have self-confidence, enjoy doing our daily duties, be productive and happy at work, have a peaceful home environment, solve problems and generally make things go right.” – Y.

“Thank you for all the help! Life starts to become a somewhat nice and pleasurable journey.” – E.