Auditors’ Training Analysis


To All Auditors:

The Ron’s Org Grenchen offers you a FREE Auditor’s Training Analysis

For many years now, we have observed that unfortunately, there were Auditors who did not audit. We should not have auditors that may have failed purposes and are inactive.

As long as I have been in Scientology, I have always been a professional auditor and I have stayed very busy auditing. In 1980, I was Qual. Sec. in the Class IV Organization in Bern. Supervising Internships was part of my hat and I spent many hours working with auditors.

Since 1990, in the Ron’s Org, one of my hat has been Supervisor and thanks to that post, I have again trained many auditors. Beginning in 1997, I have made several trips to Russia where I directly trained or oversaw the training of literally hundreds of auditors and dozens of case supervisors. Some all the way up to Class XII!

By having this hat, I have had to answer thousands of questions. This forced me to always have the appropriate technical references right at hand.

Therefore, I not only  helped others, but I had to grasp the deeper insights of the Tech myself, in order to apply the correct processes and techniques. Thanks to this experience, the amendments done by the Church under Miscavige were clearly seen and corrected. Unfortunately, these amendments have deeply mangled the tech and caused auditors, ill-trained by the Miscavige church, to have trouble finding preclears to audit or to have losses auditing and thus, a failed purpose.

Ron has said that auditors are the most valuable beings in the universe. I invite you as an auditor to accept my offer to join your fellow Auditors and become active again.

Max Hauri
CO Ron’s Org Grenchen

Your help is welcome for us.
We are here to help you.

– L. Ron Hubbard, 1965

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“Thanks to Max for having made real professionals out of us.” – Russian Auditors and C/Ses in a dedication of 2007.

“Before I started at the Ron’s Org Grenchen, the red tech (auditing) scared the hell out of me. Little by little, Max and Erica showed me that it was not difficult to understand and it was even useable in the daily life. And now I could imagine learning it! To me it is like a miracle as I never thought I could change my viewpoint.” – C.C.H.