Since the end of my high school time, I knew I was a spiritual being. During those times it was really a sensitive issue. I had read numerous literature concerning the subject of past lives which were quite interesting but without any practical approach.

I still clearly remember how in 1978, a person was trying to sell me a course. My only really relevant question was whether Scientology was dealing with past lives, and a somewhat hesitant “yes” was the answer I expected.

I quickly realized that Scientology included many more answers then I would have expected. I joined staff in the Scientology Church in Bern. It is not possible to briefly summarize all the experiences I had. To make a long story short, I had a lot of good and bad experiences.  It has definitely been a “school of life” in which I really learned a lot within a short time span.

The bad experiences made me quit my work and membership in the Scientology Church. The good experiences motivated me to disseminate Scientology outside of the church.

I left the Church at the end of 1983.

Together with my wife Erica, we built up our Ron’s Org in 1984. Erica started to audit again the following year and in 1990, I joined full-time. We have gradually established our worldwide communication lines and today we count many friends on all continents and a great number especially in countries of the former Soviet Union.

We are proud to have one of the largest Ron’s Org worldwide and to be a competent contact point for Scientologists of all horizons.

Training: My training in Scientology is very extensive (i.e. Class XII, Excalibur Auditor, C/S Training). I finished most of the existing courses and upper levels.


Technical CV

  • Born April, 17, 1959; first contact with Scientology in 1978; staff member of the Church of Scientology Bern at the beginning of 1979 (training to NED Auditor, Class IV and HRD; HGC auditor and Qual Sec).

  • Max left the Church and staff at the end of 1983.

  • In 1984, he becomes one of the co-founders of the Free Zone Switzerland. From 1984-86 Max did the OT Levels I-VII (NOTs) in the ACC Langenthal, Switzerland.

  • In 1997, together with his wife Erica and Otfried Krumpholz, they establish a Ron’s Org Network in countries of the former Soviet Union. Since 1999, under their supervision  all Operating Thetans Levels are successfully delivered. Max has played a leading role to ensure that the Standard Tech could be obtained outside the Church, after Captain Bill’s decease.

  • 2004, Founding member and Chairman of the Ron’s Org Committee.

  • Since 2005, Max built the foundation (Stichting True Source Scientology) and work as president. was put online in early 2010. This is an important step, because he then indirectly proved that RTC/CST were not in legal possession of the copyrights of L. Ron Hubbard’s original materials and gives the possibility to all Scientologists around the world to freely use Scientology without undue threat from RTC/CST.

  • With his wife, Max made built new premises for the Ron’s Org in Grenchen, where it is based since 2013.